Welcome to the 11th NDN Hackathon

We are hosting a three-day virtual NDN Hackathon (May 21-23, 2021). The event is open and FREE to participate in and winners will receive exciting FREE prizes! This event targets all levels of participants and, particularly for beginners, will be an excellent opportunity to get started with NDN.

We particularly encourage projects that:

  • Directly address NDN research needs,
  • Create new NDN tools or modify existing tools,
  • Create or improve documentation and how-to guides.

Hackathon Awards

  • Most External Impact

    NDN Compute Simulator (ndnCSim)

    Muhammad Atif Ur Rehman, Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Salahuddin, Sana Fayyaz

  • Most Promising Hack

    NDN Play

    Varun Patil, Tianyuan Yu

  • Most Practical

    NDN-FCH: The Big Rewrite

    Junxiao Shi, Eric Newberry, Muhammad Nuzaihan, Zhiyi Zhang

  • Most Internal Impact

    CertCoalesce: NDN Certificate Pools

    Alexander Afanasyev, Proyash Podder, Xinyu Ma

  • Most Impact on User Community

    Mini-NDN Improvements

    Saurab Dulal, Alexander Lane, Adam Thieme, Ashiq Rahman, Justin Presley


  • May 23: Instructions for judging and project submission are up
  • May 20: Zoom link for the hackathon is up
  • May 7: Call for Hacks and attendee registration links are online
  • April 30: Hackathon dates and tentative schedule adjusted
  • April 28: The website is up!


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