The concluding hack slides will be made available to judges before the final presentation starts.

The final presentations are 5 minutes (hard limit) including demo and/or screenshots. Additionally, a few minutes will be provided for Q&A.

The slides should cover the following aspects: (Judging criteria)

(1) Impact (10 points)

  • How big of a problem are you solving?

  • What is the potential benefit and impact of your solution?

  • Could this problem be solved before your project came along?

(2) Solution (20 points)

  • Creativity of the technical approach (doesn’t have to be original, but it should at least be a “fresh take”).

  • How well does the solution address the problem? (feasibility, scalability, are there simple alternatives?)

(3) Execution (20 points)

  • What was actually accomplished, compare to what was proposed? Lessons learned

  • How well the group was organized?

  • Were there any surprises along the way? How well the the team cope with that?

(4) Presentation (10 points)

  • How well was it presented?

  • When a project could have a demo, was it presented?

  • Did the demo achieve the goals of the project?